How To Apply Skincare Products In The Right Order

September 27, 2018

How To Apply Skincare Products In The Right Order

The way you apply your skincare matters. Do it wrong and you’ll miss out on maximising the benefits of each individual product. To help you out, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to apply basic skincare products in the right order.

One thing to remember, even if you don’t have every product in this list, or you have more, the general rule is to apply products from the lightest to heaviest.

Step 1 - Cleansing

Even if you cleansed the night before and your morning face is bare and makeup-free, you still need to wash it. Your skin secretes oil during sleep and there may be residue from the nighttime products you applied. You need to start with a beautifully clean slate so other products will be absorbed properly and their results maximised. 

We recommend using a gentle, low foaming cleanser free from sulfates. Sulfates are chemicals found in many synthetic cleansers, they’ll leave your skin feeling dry and tight and you definitely want to avoid this.

Planning a mask treatment? Apply this after cleansing.

We recommend:  Karinda Purifying Cleanser

A milky low foaming cleanser that gently removes makeup, dead skin and surface impurities leaving the skin feeling fresh and revitalised.  Contains a detoxifying sea salt extract to help stimulate the excretion of pollutants from skin cells. An excellent preparation for the skin before the application of serums and moisturisers.  

Step 2 - An alcohol-free toner

Once you’ve cleansed, move quickly onto the toning step. When your skin is still damp from the cleanse it will absorb the toner more readily, maximising its benefits. 

Toner is a bit of a misunderstood skincare product, often skipped or seen as not important. The truth is, if you’re ditching the toner, you’re missing out on some serious benefits it delivers.

A quality toner will balance the skin’s pH level, support the skin’s natural defence barrier and help the products that follow to absorb properly.

It also acts a second cleanser, removing any impurities and dirt the cleanser may have left deeper in the pore. Apply the toner all over your face and move on to the next step before it dries.

Step 3 - Serum  

What does a serum do for your skin? The role of a serum is to deliver a concentrated hit of active ingredients to target specific conditions. The potency of a serum’s ingredients is higher than a moisturising cream and with smaller molecules, it can penetrate deeply into the skin.

Serum also offers additional protection from UV light, debris in the environment and pollution.

Apply the serum all over while your skin is still moist from the toner. If you’re using a spot treatment, this is also the time to apply it.

We recommend: Karinda Rejuvenating Serum

A super concentrated serum fortified with powerful bioactive ingredients to help improve the skin's tone, firmness and elasticity. Use in conjunction with Karinda's Nourishing Moisturiser and Purifying Cleanser for maximum benefit.


Step 4 - Moisturiser

Next stop is hydration, hydration, hydration. The most basic role of your moisturiser is to hydrate and soften skin. This, in turn, plumps out skin and minimises the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturisers hold water in the outermost layer of skin and also act as a temporary defence against environmental stressors and free radical damage.

Every skin type, even the oiliest ones, need a quality moisturiser. Healthy skin is hydrated skin.

We recommend: Karinda Nourishing Moisturiser  

A luxurious lightweight lotion providing nourishing nutrients to the skin. Helps to maintain the skin's hydration without feeling oily or heavy. Formulated with a biologically active peptide to stimulate the skin’s own defence mechanisms against UV and pollution damage.

Step 5 (morning) - SPF protection

If your moisturiser doesn’t include SPF, now is the time to apply it. We doubt there’s a skin expert out there who wouldn’t agree that applying sunscreen is hands down the most effective preventative method for the visible signs of ageing. Even more importantly, it can prevent certain types of cancers forming.

We recommend applying a broad spectrum, physical (mineral) sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and many contain ingredients including oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can interfere with usual hormone function.

Physical sunscreens provide protection by sitting on top of the skin to prevent UV rays entering the body. The main active ingredients in physical sunscreen - titanium dioxide and zinc oxide - are safe to use on skin.

Step 5 (Night)  - Face oil

Swap the sunscreen step for a rich face oil at night. At night, Your skin’s detox enzymes get to work and DNA repair is active. A nourishing face oil will boost the skin’s nighttime restorative process and provide a protective seal, preventing moisture evaporation at night.

During the day, you can also apply face oil over sunscreen, before makeup application.

We recommend: Karinda Sacred Youth Oil:

An exquisite blend of healing, nutrient-rich botanical oils to indulge and beautify your skin. Featuring Native Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil, rich in Ximenynic acid, a rare fatty acid known to reduce fine lines, improve skin tone and hydration and increase derma strength.

Have you been applying products in the correct order? Get the basics right and you’ll maximise the benefits of each product in your routine.

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