Our values & company ethos

INTEGRITY – We are the real deal and make no compromise on quality. Our ingredients are backed by scientific and/or clinical data and perform particular functions in our formulations. They have not been added to merely look good on a label. Our products are based on years of research and development, with the strictest moral and ethical standards resulting in a brand that you can trust.

INNOVATION – Karinda is proudly leading innovation in skincare, from world first “cellular” extracts, to cutting edge biotechnology and the newest high quality airless packaging.

INFORMATION – The beauty and skincare market can be a daunting place with so many products on the market with all sorts of claims. We are passionate about providing education on a wide range of skincare topics to help customers make an informed and rewarding choice.

SAFETY - Every single ingredient that we use in our formulations has been thoroughly researched and assessed for safety. We use the same strict safety standards for natural, certified organic and biotech produced ingredients. We do NOT test our products on animals. You will not find parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours, petroleum by products or mineral oil, propylene glycol, EDTA or PEG in any Karinda product.

INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY - We proudly support Australian indigenous communities through our focus on wild harvested Australian botanicals as the key ingredients in our products.  

Our goal is to make you look and feel wonderful without comprising your health or the environment.