The foaming myth

It is a common myth that the foam in cleansers and shampoos is what cleans our skin and hair. The foaming agents in these types of products are actually just that – foaming agents. It is the active ingredients in cleansers that clean and purify your skin. Foaming agents are typically drying for the skin and can strip its natural oils. They are also very cheap ingredients while active ingredients can be very expensive. Don’t be fooled into thinking the more a cleanser foams the cleaner your skin will be!

The Karinda Purifying Cleanser is a perfect mix of organic oils, organic water based active botanical extracts and detoxifying sea salt extract. The lightweight, milky cleanser has been mildly fragranced with natural essential oils of Neroli and Geranium and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Great for acne sufferers too!

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